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Life Might Life Coaching is a dynamic meditation hub born of a desire to help others overcome life’s challenges with effective coping and empowering skills for a more fulfilling life experience. Here at Life Might VIP we expand on that approach through a closer client relationship with an interactive component to personally broach topics for discussion through regular participation. We’ve got the right tools and know how to use them to build you up so that you’re running at Indy 500 performance even if that mean overhauling the chassis and rewiring the harness.

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Hello, Very Important People

At Life Might we believe every person is very important, from those who are learning to walk a new path by first peeking through the keyhole to those with eyes wide open for a trailblazing adventure.

Here we provide the tools for learning the most effective meditation skills along with professional support in an open forum style to keep you on track in the comings and goings of personal transformation. We’ve got charts, tables, exercises, techniques, challenge events, and all the tips and tricks to help you succeed in becoming your authentic self and enjoying life they way you were meant to – with personal freedom.

Why meditation? Because it works!

Millions of people use meditation techniques to help them deal with stress and shift out of negative relationship patterns to create a healthier approach to life. If you want to see all of the benefits to using meditation as a coping mechanism rather than addiction see the Benefits at the bottom of the page.

Life Might method

The information found here is based on the Magnetic Moxie meditation training course that we offer on the main site along with additional insights and new ways to show the power in the practise. The method we use is represented by our exclusive JEFTA Relationship Cycle which shows at what precise point you can facilitate change for the better in your own life starting right now: the Present Feeling state. Here the process is explained in lay terms without fluff, fancy jargon or excess verbiage that is easy to read and understand.

Step 1: Relationship Cycle

Your relationship with any person, thing, circumstance and version of you is based on one thing: judgment, be it good or bad. Bias and prejudice are learned through childhood conditioning along with familial, cultural and societal engineering.

Simply put, a relationship of any kind starts with a judgment that then trigger emotions that release hormones that create sensations in the body known as feelings which are attached to a conscious or subconscious thought and prompt an outward or inward response action.

Step 2: Feelings Finder

Because judgment and emotion have already happened we only become aware when the feeling is strong enough in the body to be noticed before an associated thoughts arise and action ensues. In other words, we catch the feelings by tuning to the present using meditation as a tool to become aware and then change the feeling into one of neutrality.

We then begin to invoke pleasant feelings using deliberate intent exercises to regain control of our thoughts and actions.

Step 3: Good Vibrations

This crucial step helps to rewire our brain synapses and retrain our nervous system to allow a peaceful harmony become the norm and start acting from deliberate intent rather than destructive conditioning.

Through practise we can spiral out of destruction mode by making incremental shifts out of lower frequencies whenever we are triggered until the subject no longer has hold.

Step 4: Lasting Change

Within the brain the old synapses dissolve away while the new ones become thicker and stronger, which is why practise is so very important – you’re changing your brain structure.

This is how we take control of our lives; this is where the real power is and this is how we attract what we truly desire.

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